Web Site Portfolio

Meetings and Webinars

My newest site focuses on facilitation of Zoom Meetings and Webinars, along with event planning, registration services, and post-event video production. It’s still pretty new, and I’m working on filling out the site with more information as time allows.

HOA Coach

As president of my own homeowners association for a few years, I found myself helping other HOA leaders “find their way”, as well as helping a few homeowners who expressed concern for how their association is run. While I continue to do this sort of thing, there’s very little money in it, and much of the sentiment for HOAs in general is negative. Translation: I don’t enjoy the nitty gritty work as much as I thought I would, so it’s no longer my main focus.


I do all of my “official” (non-volunteer) work through my consulting company, GoodClix. It’s just me, and I’m really just a simple guy at heart, and this web site reflects that simple, clean appearance.

Old Desert Lizard

This is the site you’re on now! When playing online (as opposed to working or volunteering) or just being a social animal, I use a persona I developed a few years ago as Old Desert Lizard. With 8 minor surgeries for skin cancer and being “of an advanced age” compared to many fellow computer geeks, the moniker seems to suit me well.

Time Zone Report

After successfully helping defeat an Arizona legislator’s bill to start Daylight Saving Time in Arizona, I started tracking DST-related legislation in all US states, from 2015 through 2017. The site is no longer updated regularly, since I found that very little related legislation ever made it past the filing stage, and those bills that were actually considered were either rejected, or passed but ended up having no meaningful impact on the use of DST.

Sites for Others

Here are a few sites that I like to call “mine”, but they’re really done for others, not for me.

Rio Crossing Homeowners Association

I revamped the Rio Crossing Homeowners Association web site, adding a functioning calendar, and cross-posting from WordPress over to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Affiliates of National Association of Parliamentarians

As a member of NAP, I’m involved with a local unit (like a chapter), involved in the Arizona state association, and most recently getting involved at the district level.

Arizona Agua Fria Unit

My local group of around 10 people meets monthly from September through May. We needed a way to try to attract members and be more proactive in educating the general public.

Arizona State Association of Parliamentarians

Most US states have an “Association” of the local units; even some international countries have Associations! I inherited a site originally developed years ago by Frank Fitzgerald, a well known parliamentarian and former president of ASAP. I moved it to WordPress and added some additional information and structure, with the goal of making it more interactive, interesting, and current.

District 8 of NAP

This regional sub-group of NAP is comprised of associations in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, and China, as well as members at large from Japan and the Northern Marianas/Malaysia. I inherited this site as well, and have made some simple changes and updated the stale information.

Arizona Native Plant Society

This non-profit group contacted me to maintain their web site which had a custom-developed WordPress theme and a number of custom-programmed features. Taking on a site extensively enhanced by someone else has had its challenges, but the Society’s leaders are pleased with the results, and I provide hosting, monitoring, and a limited number of hours monthly for a small fee.