Social Media


Having been a “Twitch watcher” for a few months, I’m now doing some streaming of my own. Come join the fun at here.  See Discord too.


I’ve been poking around Discord, and while there’s a lot of good resources there, I’m no really a “Discord watcher”.  I do monitor the room, especially while broadcasting on Twitch, so feel free to stop by.  Feel free to join here.

I’ve got separate chat rooms for topics I’m interested in talking about and helping people with:  Daylight Saving Time in the US (Time Zone Report), HOAs (Fix Your HOA), Parliamentary Procedures and Robert’s Rule of Order, and more.


I’m not a huge social media mogul, but I do participate at a “friendly level.”  I’ve had a personal presence as @RayHarwood for some time, but I’m making the move over to @OldDesertLizard as time allows.


I’ve got most of my professional details listed here on LinkedIn.  I don’t really “do” LinkedIn… they charge too much and give you too little, in my opinion.  Good for job seekers, but for most people it’s either “just another social media venue” or a complete waste of bandwidth.


I don’t think I’ll make an Old Desert Lizard-specific Facebook page — but you never know.  My “personal” Facebook page is here; feel free to visit and “like” if you like.

Nobody reads a real newspaper any more, but I do get a daily chuckle-load via Email from the folks at  Check out the comics I like here on my profile page.


I’m starting to make a YouTube presence with a number of videos. Not really videos about me, but for others.  Check them out — but don’t expect much, I’m just getting started.