Other Domains

I’ve got web sites for a variety of purposes; some of them are just for playing around and experimenting with web sites and WordPress, other sites have a “real reason to exist”.

Informational Sites

TimeZoneReport.com — Back in 2015 one of the Arizona legislators thought it would be a good idea to put Arizona back on Daylight Saving Time… never mind that we’ve been just fine without it since 1968! I helped defeat that bill with NoDSTforAZ.com and some social media publicity. My interest grew once I realized that Daylight Saving Time and time-related legislation was popping up all over the country, and so I reported by research on state legislation around the US on a web site called TimeZoneReport.com. This site still exists, but hasn’t been actively updated since 2017.

FixYourHOA.com, others with “HOA” in the name — I’m developing a co-branded set of web sites, all about helping people with their HOAs.

Personal Sites

RayHarwood.com — I actively used this for several years, and over time it has fallen to the wayside a bit. Still, feel free to visit there and poke around. It’s all driven by Visual Studio and Visual Basic code with some database back end.

Blog.RayHarwood.com — A more blog-like site where I’ve posted some recipes and occasional thoughts, musings, and pictures.

3D.RayHarwood.com — I decided at one point that people interested in my 3D printing and technical endeavors wouldn’t be interested in my personal blog site, so I put this one together. I did some cool 3D printing a few years ago, and also posted some technical stuff here, but like most of my little personal projects, this too has passed.

IHateMyDamnJob,com — I wrote and self-published a book back in 2007, and yes, that was the title. A little career advice for the masses… but the masses didn’t buy it!

JBHarwood.com — A tribute site I made for my dad when he passed away.

RioCrossing.info and RioCrossingHOA.com — The first site is an unofficial site for my HOA that I started before getting on the board of directors; the second one is the official HOA site that I took over development of when I got on the board and became secretary.

LowerCellBill.US — I was helping a couple of folks that are very good at helping companies reduce their cell phone bill; I just wasn’t very good at helping them get new business. If you know of any company with 5 or more cell phones, give these guys a call… they don’t charge for their service, they just take a portion of the savings the first few months.

Last, and probably least, is WizardRay.com.

Domains For Sale

I’m a recovering domain-name hoarder, at one point having over 200 domain names that I thought either I or someone else would really have use for at some point. I’ve stopped renewing many of them, but still hold on to a few, just in case. Want one of these? Contact me, please!

Short Domain Names

  • AARRF.com — cute site for dog lovers?
  • BClikd.com — want more social media involvement?
  • EWoot.com — Woot! Woot!
  • FGV.Me — Forgive me
  • HOARulesOfOrder.com — Parliamentary education for homeowner associations
  • Mad4.Me — Can’t tell if it’s narcissistic, or Valentines Day material.
  • SED.Me — I said it…
  • Sith.Biz — Darth Vader’s online store
  • SWGuy.com — Software Guys, come on… you know you want this!
  • UClick.Me and UClikd.Me — Please click me… and I know you clicked me.
  • UFix.Me — A web site for a fixit person.
  • Urj.Me — Short URL for a political activism site?
  • Vew.Me — Misspelled “view me” maybe?
  • W0W.Me — Looks like “wow me”, except its a zero in the middle.
  • Xanlu.com — Reminds me of Olivia Newton John and ELO — sounds like Xanadu.
  • Ye4.Me — An Amish dating site?
  • Yumms.com — Good eats! (Wait… that’s Alton Brown!)

Sites I Was Gonna Use…

  • AZTaxLien.com and AZTaxOp.com — I’ve dabbled in buying tax liens in Arizona, but never learned enough to be of any help to anyone else.
  • BrrFur.com — I was going to create a USB-powered cooling system for furries and people with heavy clothing (actors, cops)
  • Coins-Worth.com — I designed a small device that would select out collectible and silver coins from the contents of your piggy bank, or Uncle Ed’s bag of coins he left to you, but it wasn’t financially practical to produce.
  • GoodAgnostic.org — You don’t have to be a “believer” to be a good person.
  • InventoryOfThings.com — I had designs for a web site (and app) to let you inventory your personal belongings, like records, CDs, and… well, everything.
  • MakeCashParking.com — A place where you could sell your domain names… if anyone was buying.
  • PTOPlanner.com — Who doesn’t need an app to help them keep track of their paid time off?
  • TowerLightKits.com — I designed a Christmas-tree-like multicolored LED tree with a variety of changing motion light patterns, inspired somewhat by the very large array of lights on top of the Rustlers Rooste restaurant in Phoenix.

Defunct Sites

Diig.Me — I used this site for some time to get used to GoDaddy’s new Managed WordPress hosting capability. I’ve taken that site down now.

ProDaddy.Guru — I’m a “GoDaddy Pro”, hooked up with some of their inside customer service contacts and registered on one of their web sites as “a guy that does WordPress”. But this site sort of outlived its usefulness when I started taking on the Old Desert Lizard moniker.

BusinessIsZooming.com — Another hair-brained idea I had to drum up Zoom business. Gave up on this one quickly!