Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here’s a few questions I get often enough — but nothing I’d really call “frequently”.

Are you really retired?

Not really “retired”, but I do often refer to myself as “semi-retired”, mostly because I’m not employed by anyone, and most of the work I do for others is mostly pro bono (for free).  My HOA work keeps me the most busy, but there are plenty of other things I do — and I hardly ever just “sit and do nothing”.

Will you help me with my web site?

Yes, in most cases I’ll at least talk with you about a web site and give you some input and ideas.  For people that I know and trust, I’ll even set up a web site and get you started — provided, of course, that you’re willing to use the WordPress content management system.  If you want a custom-designed software (trust me, WordPress can probably do what you want, but whatever!), then we can chat and I’ll tell you how much I’ll charge; it’ll be less than most people will charge you, but you’ll still think it’s too much.

Can I stop by and visit or call any time?

No.  The best way is to email and arrange a time first, please.  If you call, you’ll probably get voice mail — I don’t answer a number I don’t know.

I’m up early, and in bed early, and most of you probably work during the day and want to stop by when I’m asleep.  I’ve got conference calling and audio/video chat capability in a variety of ways… sometimes that’s enough.