Site move in progress!  I’m transitioning to this site, but the work isn’t complete yet.  Have a look around… but it’s a mess so far!



I’m an easy-going guy, really.  Love my family, know most of my neighbors by name, wave to everyone that drives by, always willing to chat with someone.  I’m old, yes… but you wouldn’t really know it from watching me.  Maybe a little too much sun in my past — with 8 separate skin cancer diagnoses.  Use that sunscreen!

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I’ve recently been learning the Adobe Creative Suite of products, now that there is a reasonably-priced subscription service that gives you access to nearly everything.  I still do a little 3D printing now and then, and have made a few LED controller systems, just for fun.

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If you want to learn more about my professional background, my LinkedIn profile is a good place to start.  I’ve been in computers and technology since coding my first Fortran program on punched cards back in 1970.  Most of my software development work is in Microsoft Visual Studio.

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I take an active role in my community.  I’m in my second term on the Rio Crossing HOA board of directors, making good progress toward running the HOA more like a real business and treating our members more like our neighbors — which they are!  I also volunteer with the Maricopa County Justice Courts part time, and follow Arizona state legislation pretty closely, especially as it relates to HOAs.

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What I Do Now

I’ve been semi-retired for a few years, but I’m not the sort to sit at home in front of the TV.  Well, I’m in front of the computer much of the time, but not just playing games and watching other people’s crazy cat videos.  I’ve made a few videos of my own, and now I’m embarking on a number of new “promotional activities” with video, audio, and other social media.

Mostly, I just like helping people.  Sometimes all they need is someone to listen to them for a few minutes, and treat them like their opinion matters. I like hearing different viewpoints and learning about other people’s experiences.  I’m not too old to learn from others.


Next Steps…

Follow me here and on my other online venues.  I’ve even got a mailing list for the occasional shout-out to all my peeps.

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