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I’ve developing a number of co-branded web sites with the main purpose of helping people with their HOAs. Now there are several sites out there that help people fight their HOAs, or fix a┬áspecific┬áproblem their having with an HOA — and plenty of sites out there that seem to just moan and complain about HOAs. But my focus is different: let’s find a way to make HOAs better.

Each HOA should be run like a business, and the board members, officers, and management company should treat the members of the HOA like they are neighbors in the same community — which they are! will be focused on how you, as an “outsider” to the current HOA “regime”, can gain traction in helping the HOA operate like the business as it should, and treat the members like the neighbors that they are. will have a variety of helpful suggestions on what to ask your HOA for, so that you can get a good sense of whether they are operating according to the law and good business practices. — downstream a bit — will be set up to allow members of HOAs to input certain characteristics about their HOA (type and number of homes, amenities, annual amount of assessments, annual expenses for management, landscape, etc.) and get a comparison of how their HOA ranks against other similar HOAs. How do you know if your HOA is in the top 25% or the bottom 25%? Now you’ll be able to know! A companion site,, will have general information about registered HOAs with comparison data, primarily for potential home buyers doing research prior to their purchase. and will be set up to educate people — board members, officers, committee members, and everyone in the HOA. The more you know, the better it should be for everybody.