Transition Layer On/Off?

I’m adding a post to the vMix forum, and want to add a couple of images. They only way they’ll import an image is from a URL — no direct upload. Here’s the post:


Is there a way to initiate a transition when a layer goes from on-to-off and off-to-on?

I’ve got 4 monitor displays in a multi-view, and individual inputs for each display. On each of the individual displays I have a GT Title on Layer 3 with a label for a name, role, and another designator. The GT title transitions (TransitionIn and TransitionOut) work fine when Merging or Fading.

I have a button on Companion set up with 4 actions, each one toggles Layer 3 on one of the displays. The GT Title goes on and off appropriately when the button is pressed… except no transition – a straight cut to on or off.

Is there a way to ease in/out or apply a transition when toggling a layer that’s already on Program?

Here’s the two images I want to add:

Hopefully they’ll upload properly!

Why am I doing this? The initial impetus was to create a 4-up display to demonstrate the Webinar Q&A function of Zoom: one monitor as the Host (My Screen), one monitor as a Co-Host (Zoom 1), and two monitors as attendees (Zoom 2 and 3). Zoom 2 could enter a question, and we’d be able to see whether the question showed up on Zoom 3’s screen — which it will if the Host has selected the “Allow attendees to view all questions” option, but it won’t if the “Answered questions only” option is selected.

And of course I got to thinking that maybe this would be a good thing to develop into something I could demonstrate other things. My main PC has 4 monitors, but I have a side-desk monitor connected to a 4-way HDMI/USB switch, connected to 4 computers: my old home-built workhorse, an old Intel NUC, a decent BeeLink (all of these running Windows 10), and an Intel-based Mac Mini.

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