Let’s Get Started!

Okay, so the site isn’t quite “ready for prime time”, but I’m working on it. It, and a thousand other things, it seems!

Why “Old Desert Lizard”?

  • I’m turning (or by the time you read this, probably “have turned”) 65
  • I’ve been in southern/central Arizona more than half of my life — in the hot, dry desert region.
  • I’ve had 8 diagnoses of skin cancer, probably a lot due to overexposure to the sun as a kid, and as an adult too, I guess.
  • I’m growing a bit thin up top. No, not in the muscular area… the scalp! And maybe the brain cells, too.
  • With all the hype about branding still floating around, I thought about the name one day, and checked the keepers of the domain names — lo and behold, it was available!

So browse around and get to know me, if you don’t already. And even if you do, poke around a bit, then tell me what you learned that you didn’t already know. And for sure, tell me what you know that I haven’t already told!

And wear protection… from the sun!!

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